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14th-Jan-2009 10:37 pm - A REVIEW OF THE PAST WEEK

I am currently suffering from girly issues... ughh! I lose all appetite and eat soup for two days. So needless to say my points have been a total of 6, these last two days. So instead of trying to stick to my diet, I decided to look over my daily journal to see what I am missing.

I have been eating enough salad that I could be growing vegetables out my ears but my fruit intake has been barely anything. So that needs to change. I also noticed that 3:30 and 9:30 are my times of candy pangs.. I want to eat anything sugary at this time. I am trying to figure out how to combat that.

Fact: People who drink tea and have soup during the day, consume 100 calories less then those that do not.

Its really amazing how just keeping a journal really shows you that you do have an eating pattern. Imagine that!
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8th-Jan-2009 10:07 pm - TODAY WAS A HARD DAY!

I am not going to lie to you. I was craving all sorts of bad stuff and it didnt help that my mom had a coke and 3 chips today. She wasn't going to tell me but I can tell when my mom has a coke, she gets all speedy. I was a little upset. I am trying so hard and it just makes me want a coke more. Its been almost a week since I have had one. Thats the longest I have gone in the past year.

I made a healthy dinner tonight, whole wheat spaghetti. I made sure all of the points  were counted but I realized that I am going to have to measure everything precisely in order to get the points right, its hard to back track.
I guess its just been a hard day mentally. I hope it will just be a little easier tomorrow.
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7th-Jan-2009 08:10 pm(no subject)

I finally was able to watch the first episode from Oprah's Best Life Week and I am SOOO glad I did. She literally had me in tears and question myself a lot.

The strongest part of her show- was the point -that a lot of us don't make ourselves a priority in our own lives. We get so tied up with obligations, stressed out with routine errands and stretch ourselves out so much, that we lose a part of who we are. I know I am guilty of that.

She asks us to answer the following questions, and not just with a superficial answer but with a deep and well thought out one. To be truly honest with ourselves for once. I will be answering them.





If you would like to answer these awesome!

On another note; my whole bite it and write it commitment went great for day 1.
You may have noticed that I added a weight watchers calculator to the link sidebar. Its really handy in finding out points.
It has been doing nothing but raining the last few days here. No way to get around it so I finally got a gym membership. I am shooting for 3 days a week. woo!


#3 Focus On Real Food

The danger of foods that say DIET!
I know I make the mistake of thinking just because it says light or diet, or fat free that I can have more. I think mentally I know better but a small part of my brain that likes that excuse takes over.

That's all for today.

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6th-Jan-2009 11:36 am - -THE SLIM FILES ACCORDING TO SELF-
There's a 4 week plan and I will be jotting down a tip from it every day.. along with my personal thoughts and trials with it. If it helps you great! If you would like to add any tips just leave a comment. Awesome.



#1 Boost Breakfast

Wake up to a feast fit for a queen. They use examples such as a whole grain waffle with peanut butter or yogurt with fruit and nuts. A combo of protien and fiber will keep you full for hours.
I am not a big fan of breakfast. I would rather skip to a soup and salad. So this one is a little harder for me to follow.Also I find that if I have a yogurt with fruit I tend to get hungry in another hour. I did get up this morning and have an apple with a cup of tea. It actually did feel pretty good and I love apples so I could eat them all day. I will have to explore new ideas for this. Especially since Self does say that if you eat a healthy breakfast it boosts your metabolism and we want that metabolism boosted.

#2 Find your inner Vegan

The tip is to subsitute vegetables such as mushrooms, carrots and broccoli in for meat.

I am a huge carnivore. I love meat. But I figure I can make one of my meals, lunch or dinner.. vegan. Its not to much of a change for me to make. I think my body will have to get used to it but it may help me to digest better. I think I may take the dinner route, so I won't feel heavy when I go to bed.

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5th-Jan-2009 10:38 pm - PEANUT BUTTER SAVES MY LIFE
I haven't watched Oprah yet, so I will most likely post about that tomorrow. Ok so I have been having these outrageous cravings for chocolate at 9pm. Its ridiculous. It doesn't matter what type of chocolate it is.. I will eat it., So funny enough when my craving hit again tonight I reached for a half apple and some peanut butter, it did the trick.. and its good for me. It satisfied my craving and not only that I didnt have to have a lot of it.

I will def be having a spoonful of PB instead of chocolate if the craving hits again,

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I seriously did for about five minutes and then quickly shot down the idea. I am barely running/walking 3 miles right now. It takes a lot of discipline to prepare for a marathon and I need to take baby steps right now or I would just fail fail fail.

:I did well today food wise:
Some home made vegetable beef soup/ good portion
a salad with some chicken/ with a vinaigrette dressing
of course a handful of chips - note to self get some unsalted ones
2 cups of detox tea
1 cup of dieters tea
water water water

Oprah starts her Healthy series and I am going to do what Oprah tells me too. I will take notes and put the highlights up here.
I also have the new Self Magazine and they have a 4 week jump start so the first week starts tomorrow with me. I will put up the first weeks what to do list tomorrow as well.

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3rd-Jan-2009 05:46 pm - DETOX /DIET WITH TEA!
I am an avid tea drinker, it became a big part of my life in London and when I moved back to the states, my love for it came with me.

I always start my morning with a cup of green tea. If I feel a little down during the day I have another.

This past weekend I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that she uses Yogi Tea Detox to set her system straight every once in awhile. I loved the idea. So I headed to my nearest Safeway and in the Organic section of the store. I bought a box of tea.

Peach Detox is a gentle way to help the body to clean itself out by aiding the two primary filtering mechanisms, the liver and the kidneys. When you’re feeling a little bloated, this mild but effective blend of herbs will help you revitalize.

I also bought Triple Green Leaf Dieters Tea.

The directions ask you to drink a cup after dinner. It is known as the “Great Detoxifier” in Chinese herbology.* Research indicates that green tea’s antioxidants help promote healthy metabolism.* The decaf green tea in this formula is naturally decaffeinated using a carbon dioxide decaf process that retains the antioxidants.*

Its only been a day and a half but I have felt a difference. I can tell my body is reacting to them and I will continue with these teas for the duration specified on the boxes.

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This journal has been dead. I won't make excuses. I reached my goal weight for Vegas and then I decided to take a two week break from exercise but that's turned into almost five months off. But when the new year rolled around. I was ready to take the step I have been avoiding and started to re-evaluate my eating and exercising habits. Its time for a change and I am ready. I dont want to say its a resolution or put some number on how much I want to lose. I just want to be in shape.

First steps:
1) walking

From there I will start to tweak as I go. I will be posting daily here, for myself and if others start to post their struggles and commitments as well, I will give my support.
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24th-Jan-2008 04:38 pm - Quick easy ways to be healthier
I've missed being on here! I stayed away this week mostly cause I was sick most of the week and unable to workout. This week's been hard because when I'm not feeling well I usually let myself eat whatever sounds good but it kind of backfired this week. I didn't gain any weight but I feel so blech right now. My friend and I are going to the gym for the first time in a week tonight so hopefully that will help but the weekend is coming and it's always my downfall!

I was reading the OK! Magazine from a couple weeks ago and it had a section on getting fit for the New Year. Now, it's not someplace I would normally ever go to for fitness advice but it had this section of "20 Good Habits You Can Start Right Now" and some of them are actually very practical and good so I thought I'd post it. Hopefully it will motivate some of you, I've started a couple of them and I really want to do more.

An abundance of good habitsCollapse )
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21st-Jan-2008 11:26 am - Weekend Woes!!!
So my diet went to hell this weekend..
I had pizza, buffalo wings, beer, vodka, soda, sour patch kids and endless popcorn
oh yeah and I didn't even work out..
I am so depressed about it..

I have to figure out how to make my weekends healthy too.

But its Monday today and I have my clothes packed and am writing down my points. I will try harder this weekend.
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